Hammam Baths

Hammam Baths

How can you not try their Body Scrub!!!!

Located at the top floor of Bangsar Village II, Hammam is the first traditional Moroccan version of the Turkish Bath in Asia. The entire place has a beautiful charm to it, and once you step inside, you forget you are in Kuala Lumpur and are magically transported to a beautiful Middle Eastern setting.


The Hammam, means “spreader of warmth” in Arabic and has its roots in Ancient Greek Roman bathhouse culture. It’s a practise which has charmed thousands from different cultures throughout history. It has always been about beauty and well being, purifying the body and spirit, nourishing the precious relationship between people and water, and our instinctual need to connect with others.

Hammam offers a whole range of Spa treatments and packages, ranging from Hammam & Gommage, to Aromatic Massage to Facials. Naturally their Hammam & Gommage is their signature treatment which differentiates them from other spas.


January 10th 2011 started extremely special for the Founder & Editor of SRM.com, We had just been cordially invited to enjoy a pampering session at Hammam Baths. On our arrival we were greeted by their friendly staff at the front desk, after a brief introduction and registration, we were led to an inner chamber. From here they revealed the secrets of Hammam Spa.

Hammam & Gommage is a steam and exfoliation treatment process based upon authentic traditions of the Middle East. The Hammam will cleanse your body in low mist and high intensity steam chambers, whilst stimulating your senses and imagination. And afterwards, experience an invigorating, full body Gommage. Lay relaxed on heated marbles while an esthetician exfoliates your body.

The therapy we chosed was “My favourite Concubine Hammam” which consists of a Hammam & Gommage and a Aromatic Massage destined to last 2hrs. The itinerary for this particular package includes;

Choice of oils :

  • Pamplemousse: Detoxifying and refreshing blend of Pamplemousse and bergamot
  • Pine Tuniper  & Rosemary: Muscle relaxing and helps reduce muscle pain
  • Huile Sacre : Frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood for spiritual protection, luck and love! :)
  • Quassion – Rose, geranium and palmarossa. Mood lifting and sensual blend

Hammam – A traditional moroccan Black soap scrub aka the beldi, is made from the extract of the finest olive. Its function is to soften and exfoliate the skin. It is applied onto the body front and back. Not on face. This treatment is performed in an authentic Moroccan steam bath for 15mins.

*Be prepared to be bathed! Coz we weren’t. When was the last time somebody bathe us? Hehe. Love the experience

Gommage – After a brief wash, we were led to  a small room with 2 slabs of heated marble stone.  A special glove is used to scrub our body with massage effects. Apparently it removes 70g of dead skin cells / dull surface flakes and promote blood circulation, refresh and revitalize your skin. The glove is custom made so that it doesn’t scratch the skin. Viscose is one of the material used to make the glove. We were shocked to see the amount of dead skin cells on the marble. (I seriously thought my skin doesn’t need to be scrubbed till i saw those dead skins…woooww). This treatment makes our skin comfortable, radiant, soft and supple. The best thing is that the glove is only used on a person once and they will not reuse the viscose. Very hygienic. The heated marble stone is good for rheumatism and those with back pain.

*The Gommage was an interestingly new experience, its  very effective in removing dead skin cells,and it removes the itch you could never get to.

Masks –  Ghasoul body mask will be applied onto the body. Ghassoul is a light brown clay with wonderful exfoliating, cleansing and detoxifying properties.It has 13 medication plant, minerals and vitamins. Ghassoul clay has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities. It is a great skin cleanser and can be use daily as a face wash. The regular use of Ghassoul clay may also help to improve the appearance of skin troubled by Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and Rosacea.

Hairwash – Once body masks is complete,  the therapist applied geranium shampoo to our hair followed by a conditioner. This short but effective treatment will leave your hair soft and plush for days to come!

*We particularly love the Rosemary shower gel product. It was minty on the body. So refreshing and rejuvenating! oooooooooOOOO

And finally to finish the Hammam & Gommage, a Flower spa bath (mandi bunga). A specially prepared collection of flowers, a symbol of blessing to the gods believed to bring harmony, joy and peace to all or at least leave the person smelling sweet and looking fresh! While the therapist pour the flower water on us, they also blessed us with well wishes.

After the bath, we were served original Moroccan mint tea & traditional baklava in the common area to cool down from the hot steam room.

The pampering didn’t stop there. After the brief rest, we were led to a quiet discreet room, with dim relaxing lights, playing soft harmonious music, enjoying 45mins of holistic massage. The masseuse were extremely professional and well trained. Throughout the entire therapy they would ask if they were applying sufficient pressure and made absolutely sure we  were comfortable, catering to our every wimps. It’s as if they were tailored to suit your expectation.

* We thoroughly enjoyed the Morrocan Massage from Hammam Baths!

Overall? SRM loves the experience at Hammam Baths!We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Hammam Baths!!!

Bansar Village II
Lot 3F-7 & 3F-8
Tel: 03-2282 2180

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  1. Erin says:

    Bad service. Masseuse who did the gommash was just rushing through it, waiting time was long, felt still awkwardly soapy after, when we complained to the management they just claimed it was our first experience and were not used to it. Bad experience overall. Wont be back.

    • spareviewmalaysia says:

      Hi Erin so sorry to hear that. Gommash i suppose is the bath. How about the massage itself? We have tried it and find it up to expectation.

  2. Johnathan says:

    Nice! Tyvm for the review, definately going to try it out, looks good might bring my missus too

  3. Annanda Singh says:

    Don’t forget to making a booking in advance too.

  4. Jerome says:

    The thing is, with this place its classy, so pricy… well one would expect it to be. But where others fail, this place succeeds, the service is fantastic & the design is just as mystique. Pampered in, Pampered out. Just be prepared to spend a little more. Saying this, i can personally assure you what you spend you will receive twice as much.

  5. Jason says:

    Price is one thing, but service quality is another. Its difficult to assume what is your standard of “pricy” if you give a round figure or budget maybe that be better. =)

  6. Johnathan says:

    Has anyone been here before? Would like to know more of this place before trying. is it pricy?

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